Hello lovelies. I suppose I’ll introduce myself, I’m Isabella. I’m a marketing major who has a little too much time on her hands, but has a lot to say.

Being in college, I’m young and in the scheme of things don’t know much about life, but I do know a lot about my life. So, here’s my lifestyle blog. My lifestyle?

If I had to characterize myself in two words, it’d be classy and sassy.

Let me expand on that thought. I  romanticize the 60’s and 70’s. I adore the music, the fashion, and the icons. I’m often found in my dorm- watching Netflix. I’m quite the television aficionado, actually (I have no shame). Preppy and chic describes my style to a T, but I do appreciate being comfortable. I quote Anchorman and Step Brothers more than people realize. I love cats, I love coffee, and I love creativity. I’m a tad scatterbrained, but I’m hoping in an endearing way. So, that’s me.

If you like my blog, share it! If you don’t like my blog, feel free to lie to me and tell you you do.

Stay Classy,
Bella Rae
Bella R

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