How To Feed Your Soul In College

Zombie Lookin’ College Kids
Hello. I’m in college and I’m perpetually exhausted. But I’m not alone in this. College students across the country are trudging to class lookin’ like zombies-it’s an epidemic. And no, it’s not because of the enormous workload or the underaged binge drinking. I mean, yes, that occurs, but college is essentially a whole bunch of free time. Free time that is creating zombies. I’m convinced none of my peers, including myself, know how to manage time. And because of this, they have no time to feed their soul, so they’ve got no energy. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so why are some people doing what makes them happy and others aren’t? Because they’re the ones that make time for it. Here are things you can do to feed your soul in college and how you can find the time, because trust me, you have the time.

Alright, before you call me out on preaching exercise, I promise I’ve been hitting the gym more frequently. By more frequently, I mean I used to go 0 times a year and now I go a few times a month. Slowly but surely, I’m working on a few times a week. Here’s my new exercise philosophy. You don’t need to necessarily exercise with the intention of weight loss or toning up. You should just want to improve yourself for the sake of improving. Get healthy, stay healthy, live healthy. That was a loaded statement coming from me, but I’ve been working on changing my mindset this year. I want to work out, because I want to improve, not because I’m self conscious. Same goes for eating well. I want to do it out of self-love, not hate. And you should too. Incorporate exercise into your life, just for the sake of health and improvement.

How to Find the Time?
For the ladies out there who wear makeup, or just who hate sweating...workout in the morning or evening. If you have to drag yourself out of bed because your nights are it. Wake up and do it. It won’t be easy, but will power is a virtue (I think I just made that up). If you don’t want to wake up, then stay up a little later and get yo’ jog on. Or stair climber. Or whatever. While you work out listen to some good music, watch Wendy Williams, figure it out.

We read so much in college. Textbooks, text messages, stupid Facebook rants. But that’s not enough. Read something that nourishes you. You don’t need to read some highly esteemed 800 page novel to feed your soul. But, I do encourage you to read daily. Spend a few minutes reading the New York Times, or Buzzfeed, or some trashy novel. It can be anything that entertains you and keeps your brain active.

How To Find The Time?
While waiting for class to start or sitting on the bus, read something, ANYTHING! It’ll entertain you, inform you, and strengthen your vocab. I know you want to graduate and get a job and written skills are mighty important. If you have trouble falling asleep, read before bed. Last night, I finished reading Carrie Fisher’s memoir “Wishful Drinking”. It’s an easy read, funny as hell, and is a better alternative to TV.

Goal Setting/Journaling/Gratitude
Whether you believe in all of the self-help mumbo jumbo like I do, goal setting is actually a legitimate thing. Not only does it make you aware of what you’re aiming excites you for the future. All you’ve gotta do, is get out a pen and paper, or your phone, or take mental notes on what you want. Long-term, short-term, do it all! If you don’t know what you want, start thinking about what you’re passionate about and go from there. Same goes for writing about good things that have happened in the day or week and keeping a log of your life. I own a Gratitude Journal that I write in everyday. I replay the good that’s happened in my head and I use that happy feeling to motivate me.

How to Find the Time?
This is one of those things you could squeeze in anytime. It’s so simple, it’s easy to shrug it off, but if you just do it a few times a week before class, bed, or out of boredom, you’ll see yourself increasing *productivity.

*that is, if you act on your excitement and motivation, can’t just sit here wishin’ and hopin’ like a  Burt Bacharach song.

How to Find Time?
At the beginning of the week, or end of each night write out what you need to get done, assign it a day of the week, and figure out what time you’re gonna do it. Click HERE to read a post I wrote last year on how I schedule homework. Try it out, it might work for ya’.

Trust me, there’s time.
You know yourself better than I do. You know what makes you whole, what energizes you, and what feeds your soul. So, please, make time for it. Having homework or being tired is not an excuse.In fact, you’re more than likely tired because you’re not doing what excites you or you’re on a poor schedule that wastes time. People make time for what they want, so find a way to make yourself happy. Because once you’re happy, everything will fall into place.

Stay Classy (and feed your soul),

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