Feel Like Fall: A Guide to Autumn Traditions

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There’s comfort in tradition. That’s why I love fall. It’s festive, it’s cozy, and it comes around every year. October is just beginning, and that means autumn has arrived. Join me as I begin my fall traditions. Here’s my guide to autumn:

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Binge Watch Festive Shows
This might be my most ridiculous tradition, but it’s definitely my favorite. Every fall, since I was 15 I’ve rewatched Gossip Girl on Netflix. There’s something about Blair Waldorf’s Thanksgiving outfits that get me ready for Thanksgiving myself. You don’t have to necessarily binge watching Gossip Girl, but watch a movie or show that makes you feel festive.

Look the Part
Warm color palettes are a fall necessity. It’s only natural that I’d be drawn to cranberry lips and cream sweaters. I’m so eager to start posting autumn outfits for you, because this is the time of year where I really have an opportunity to showcase my style.

But, I think what I might love more than dressing cute during fall, is dressing down. Fluffy slippers, leggings, and hoodies are the best.

Curl Up With a Book
I never understood the joy of reading...until I read...and enjoyed it. Apparently, there is more to life than the Real Housewives franchise. I’ve always romanticized cozy-ing up with a nice book and a warm tea, but have never done it. But, now that I actually like reading, I look forward to my down time.

Candles, Blankets, and Coziness
I’m a firm believer that your environment affects your mood...and nothing makes me happier than Yankee Candle. I just bought some new fall scents and I’m obsessed. Get cozy with your candles, your cat, and some fluffy blankets.

Photo courtesy of my mamma, she loves the farm stand.
A Trip to the Farm Stand
This is one of my favorite things to do with my mom. Farm fresh vegetables are delicious and in the fall the farm stand starts selling pumpkins. I love going home and having some fried green tomatoes and drinking hot chocolate. Besides eating and cooking (which is really all I care about), corn mazes and pumpkin patches are other fun activities. But, honestly, I'd rather be stuffing my face. Oops.

Get Cliche
Some of these autumn practices that I do are cliche, but who cares? Make some memories, post some Instagram photos, and enjoy the weather before it gets cold.

Stay Classy (and stay drinking those pumpkin spice lattes),
Bella Rae

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